Joe Valeriano’s Lonesome Road promotional photo session in Milan Porta Genova, mid May 2015. “Gooddamn right, friend, you got the Blues!” [Nikon 1 J2]


239 Metodo pulito, Milano, April 19, 2016 72

Metodo pulito, UniCredit Pavilion, Milano, mid April, 2016 [Nikon 1 J2]


Fuori Hoepli 2016_poster DEF easy


Spazio espositivo Secondopiano


FUORI is Matteo Ceschi and Federico Ramponi‘s experimental photo project aiming to tell Fuori Salone activities. The project focuses on the side activities at the beginning and at the end of the Fuori Salone week. Neighborhoods (Ticinese, Tortona, Cinque vie, Brera and Lambrate) are swarming with people working hard to maintain their scheduled deadlines. Inside old walls, behind high windows, a new generation of workers reinvigorates Milan’s working tradition. Without them there would be no show! In this reportage people and different locations – which are now classic meeting points for designers, curious people, travelers and the Milanese movida as well – are seen through Matteo Ceschi’s b&w street shots and Federico Ramponi’s knowledge of the world of design.


Special Journal, Milano, late March 2016_03 72

Special Journal, Milano, late March 2016_04 72

A friend of mine, Gian Paolo Daldello, actually my fine art printer, is offering an interesting and tailored service to see photographers note down their thoughts, ideas, technical schemes, sketches directly on a special journal while capturing images from a reportage (street photography, travel or landscape, etc. etc.).

Special Journal, Milano, late March 2016_01 72

The same diary will tell their stories through words, drawings and… pictures. Yes, you can buy just this special handmade leather diary (antique black or brown) with fine and exclusive paper sheets or have it at a special price if you’d like to ​add a pre-order of 4×6″ (10×15 cm) prints. It’s up to you to decide the number of prints to be placed in your diary and the quality of the same: waterproof sublimation, carbon pigment ink on alpha cellulosa paper or even 100% fine art cotton.

Special Journal, Milano, late March 2016_02 72

This will become a real photo reportage instrument, handmade by the photographer, nothing to do with a photobook, something totally personal.


219 Pink Panthers in Paris, Louvre, Paris, early March 2015

Pink Panthers in Paris, Louvre, Paris, early March 2015 [Nikon 1 J2]

Believe me, they were all in pink!


208 Cammino baciato dal sole, Milano, late November 2015

Cammino baciato dal sole, Bicocca, Milano, late November 2015 [Nikon 1 J2]


CHRL Bicocca 2015_05

Signes-Segni, November 10, 2015

SIGNES/SEGNI, November 10-24, 2015

Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca
Building U6 – Floor S
Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1, Milano.

Opening, 10 November, h 14:00

A photographic reportage around the Place de la République monument in Paris, focused on the numerous tags, drawings, graffiti and visiting people commemorating the January 11, 2015 victims of the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly magazine and kosher supermarket massacres. The series of 12 raw b&w shots – the fine art print is Gian Paolo Daldello‘s – was taken not only in a photographer’s perspective but with a historical documentation purpose – soon all these signs/evidence will disappear! There is no judgment by the photographer, the will to record prevails. The November 10-24, 2015 exhibition – curated by professor Tatjana Sekulić – is organized in collaboration with the Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca and linked to an interdepartmental series of seminars on the contradictions and conflicts of today’s plural society.

Read Gian Paolo Daldello Italian interview.