3×3 SERIES – 03 AND 04



3×3 Series – 03 and 04, Milano, January 2017 [Huawei Y5]

3×3 SERIES – 02


3×3 Series – 02, Milano, early January 2017 [Huawei Y5]

3×3 SERIES – 01


3×3 Series-01, Milano, late December 2016-early January 2017 [Huawei Y5]

This is a new photo project inspired by the fluidity of mobile photography. With this series of b&w collages (3×3 shots taken with Retro Camera app) I would like to explore a faster way of “taking pics”: in each collage different elements of urban life (iron, wood, concrete and, obviously, human) are mixed all together according to my mood of the moment.