In early April my friend actor/rapper/director Taiyo Yamanouchi a.k.a. HYST called me to participate in his new videoclip, Korea del Nord. Taiyo chose me to play the role of a villain (I’m a super bad guy!). I’ve played the part of the North Korean dictator’s bodyguard but I could not help also recording the backstage with my FujiFilm X30…

Taiyo's Videoclip_01 72

Taiyo's Videoclip_02 72

Taiyo's Videoclip_10 72

Taiyo's Videoclip_13 72

Taiyo's Videoclip_16 72

Taiyo's Videoclip_17 72

Taiyo's Videoclip_18 72

Taiyo's Videoclip_20 72

Taiyo's Videoclip_24 72