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Today (March 2) anti-racist rally in Milan with civil society organizations and DJ and political activist Simon Samaki Osagie. PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER! (Shots taken with Fuji X100)

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June 15, 2008. 66 years later I stepped on the same beach where Commonwealth and US soldiers fought and died against the Nazi army. At the time of my visit in Varengeville-sur-Mer a couple of tourists trekked on the seabed (low tide effect, you know), another one was sunbathing under the falaise. In the distance Dieppe calmly lived another day of peace. Nobody seemed to remember the sacrifice of the brave young men who in August 1942 defied Nazi domination over Europe. These five b&w never-published-before frames taken with a compact digital camera are my personal tribute to all the soldiers who fought “The Forgotten Battle for Freedom.” Thanks, boys! #fightfascism

For more info on Dieppe Raid-Operation Jubilee see Association Jubilee-Dieppe.

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