Just over a week to Brexit.
Brexit and Londoners show a hunched and at times uncertain gait.
This time I decided to abandon b&w and to choose color: I needed to record as much information as possible.
Through my lens colors became faded, people blurred.
Nobody seems to think about the future, they seem to prefer turning their backs on the troubling days to come.
I looked for the most frequent keywords used to describe Brexit in newspapers and… combined them with the frames.
BREXIT COMIN’… People remain…




LON 019_146 72

When politicians in bad faith play with the life of people, some men and women rise up against their lies. “Bremainers” or “Remainers” spend time every day in front of Westminster Hall trying to fight the widespread lack of information that is behind the outcome of the Brexit referendum. As Altiero Spinelli wrote in the Manifesto di Ventotene in 1941, only a free and united Europe will be able to fight against social inequalities and privileges. This series of pics is dedicated to all the gallant fighters I meet in a sunny late January morning in London. (shots taken with FujiFilm X30 e Fuji X100)

#fuckbadfaithpoliticians #europe #remain #bremain #stopbrexit #stopignorance

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schermata 2019-01-09 alle 13.25.31

Once again… I’m very proud to participate in the 2019 International Summer School Bicocca, Sarajevo (BH), September 16-22. Hey folks, I’m ready for a new photo exhibition with friend Jim Marshall. Stay tuned for more news! (Poster shot: Sarajevo, late September 2016 – FujiFilm X30)


The Forgotten Battle for Freedom_01 72

June 15, 2008. 66 years later I stepped on the same beach where Commonwealth and US soldiers fought and died against the Nazi army. At the time of my visit in Varengeville-sur-Mer a couple of tourists trekked on the seabed (low tide effect, you know), another one was sunbathing under the falaise. In the distance Dieppe calmly lived another day of peace. Nobody seemed to remember the sacrifice of the brave young men who in August 1942 defied Nazi domination over Europe. These five b&w never-published-before frames taken with a compact digital camera are my personal tribute to all the soldiers who fought “The Forgotten Battle for Freedom.” Thanks, boys! #fightfascism

For more info on Dieppe Raid-Operation Jubilee see Association Jubilee-Dieppe.

The Forgotten Battle for Freedom_02 72

The Forgotten Battle for Freedom_03 72

The Forgotten Battle for Freedom_04 72

The Forgotten Battle for Freedom_05 72


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This afternoon while The Italian Minister of Interior was meeting The Hungarian Prime Minister and discussing how to destroy Europe, 15.000 people joint a pacific rally not far from the place of their meeting. Anti-fascist and anti-racist organizations and civic collective joined with ordinary Milanese people to say #stayhuman and #stop hate.

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