Enrico Rava, Lezioni d'autore, Università Statale Milano, early March, 2009_04 bis 72

To celebrate his birthday… Three unpublished frames (taken at Università Statale di Milano, early March 2009) of Italian trumpeter Enrico Rava from my Rock Music Archives. For fine art prints please contact Expowall Gallery. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. RAVA!

Enrico Rava, Lezioni d'autore, Università Statale Milano, early March, 2009_05 bis 72

Enrico Rava, Lezioni d'autore, Università Statale Milano, early March, 2009_06 72


CarsonMcHone-Pnp 13

Carson McHone, Rough Trade East, London, January 31, 2019_00

I’m very proud to see the interview with CARSON McHONE (and the shots I took with my FujiFilm X30) published in the Plug n’ play June 2019 issue. I’m equally proud to present on my blog the full series of b&w shots (and just one color frame) I took of Carson at Rough Trade East, London, during the Texan singer and guitarist’s showcase in early February 2019.

To enrich this post let me add Carson’s opinion on the role of photography in her career. As Carson told me: <If there’s this constant need for content then it’s important to think ahead, especially if you want some sort of coherent theme to your imagery. I am definitely not anywhere near where I’d like to be with this but recently I’ve started to really think about any photos I take or any photo shoots I do, to have some sort of unifying aesthetic or intent, so that when I do post these images to the rest of the world I can feel like it’s a representation of the art and not just cheap engagement.>


Carson McHone, Rough Trade East, London, January 31, 2019_01

Carson McHone, Rough Trade East, London, January 31, 2019_02

Carson McHone, Rough Trade East, London, January 31, 2019_04

Carson McHone, Rough Trade East, London, January 31, 2019_05

Carson McHone, Rough Trade East, London, January 31, 2019_06

Carson McHone, Rough Trade East, London, January 31, 2019_07

Carson McHone, Rough Trade East, London, January 31, 2019_08

Carson McHone, Rough Trade East, London, January 31, 2019_09

Carson McHone, Rough Trade East, London, January 31, 2019_10



Live Act Photo Service_by Fede

Are you in Milan with your band for a live show/showcase or a recording session?

I am a photographer/essayist/music journalist, member of f/50 The International Photography Collective.

I’ve been in the music business for more than twenty years. Now, I am a columnist for Swiss Pnp Magazine and for Indiana Music Magazine and a contributing author/photographer for Fuji X Passion and Olympus Passion magazines.

In my ROCK MUSIC ARCHIVES you can find people like Iggy Pop, Chris Cornell & Soundgarden, Wayne Kramer & MC5, Soft Machine and indie/underground musicians too.

If you are tired of the usual boring photo sessions, please contact me. In addition to the live performance I can also photograph all the soundcheck & backstage situations. (Photo: Me and Zara McFarlane at Blue Note, Milan, 2018 – by Federico Ramponi)

CONTACT: ceschimatteo@gmail.com



In the ROCK MUSIC ARCHIVES (click on the top right to find the menu) I collected all the shots I’ve taken over the years for various music magazines and websites. Currently, my frames are published in Swiss Pnp magazine, Fuji X Passion, Olympus Passion, and in Indiana Music Magazine.

You can find a selection of my ROCK MUSIC ARCHIVES shots (Soundgarden, Prince, Enrico Rava, Greg Dulli, Esperanza Spalding etc.) at ExpoWall Gallery, Milan.

Send any requests for usage rights, info or to buy fine art prints to ceschimatteo@gmail.com or to info@expowallgallery.com



Autoritratto, Milano, December 11, 2018 72

MATTEO CESCHI, Milanese street photographer, essayist and journalist, he writes for several magazines and has exhibited his shots in various locations. His latest book, Un’altra musica. L’america nella canzoni di protesta, was published in 2018 by Mimesis Edizioni. He is a member of f50/The International Photography Collective. His latest projects were in collaboration with f/50 fellows John Meehan, Steve Coleman, Keith Goldstein and Peter Barton and with the Italian fashion brand Lucio Costa. He received a honorable mention at the 2015 International Photography Awards. In 2016 he realized with colleague Jim Marshall KO.existence, a photographic project exhibited in Sarajevo and in 2017 in Milan (with high-patronage of the Italian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina). In 2017 he was curator of an exhibition of historic photos entitled Unseen Sixties at ExpoWall gallery in Milan. In Spring 2017 he launched with creative designer Federico Ramponi remoteclicking, a new shooting language that exploits mobile technology. He was the author of the “making of” of artist and director Federico Garibaldi’s short film, Un filo tra cielo, terra e acqua, winner of the Silver Dolphin prize at the 2018 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.



Now in bookstores my new book, Un’altra musica. L’America nelle canzoni di protesta (Mimesis Edizioni 2018), an ideal spin-off of my Unseen Sixties photo collection exhibition at Expowall Gallery. The shot used for the cover is one of the pictures of the exhibition.  If you like the cover shot and you want to buy a fine art print by Mario Govino, please contact my gallery. ENJOY!


​You can find a selection of my ROCK MUSIC ARCHIVES shots (Soundgarden, Prince, Enrico Rava, Greg Dulli, Esperanza Spalding etc.) at ExpoWall Gallery, Milan.



ExpoWall Gallery, via Curtatone 4, Milano

Openig: November 8, 2017, 6 PM

I began collecting old 35 mm film negatives seriously when I was writing Tutti i colori di Obama. L’altra storia delle elezioni americane (Franco Angeli 2012). 

Tutti i colori di Obama‘s main academic goal was to rediscover those political figures who, running for the U.S. Presidency, anticipated the appearance of Barack Obama in the national political arena: comedian and activist Dick Gregory, Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and reverend Jesse Jackson.

Looking for more data and details to complete my volume, I began to rely on iconographic sources, in particular pictures from national and local newspapers and magazines. These shots revealed new perspectives on the political lives of the people I was writing about. A friend’s advice then led me to explore the possibility of buying old negatives on-line: in this way, my historical report was further enriched with new stories and new characters. My background as a historian and my photographer’s eye helped me in the choice of negatives (they were often badly catalogued by the sellers: no subject; uncertain dates…).

Since then, I have specifically bought negatives from the Sixties era, in particular frames dedicated to the main events and characters of Sixty-Eight. I understand “Sixty-Eight” not in a strictly chronological sense, but in its broadest historical perspective, as that period, from 1964 to 1970 circa, during which people all around the world attempted to “revolutionize” society.    

My collection – more than a hundred frames – comes mostly from newspaper archives of the Midwest, Chicago in particular. During the Sixties the Windy City was the epicenter of the national political scene and its Mayor, boss Richard Daley, was the most influential politician in the Democratic Party. 

In August 1968, Chicago hosted the Democratic Convention – Hubert Humphrey was elected to run versus Republican Richard Nixon. During the Convention, people poured into the streets and in the parks of Chicago to protest against major political choices of the Democratic Party: a series of peaceful rallies, sit-ins, free concerts and free-performing events organized by New-Left, Anti-War and countercultural groups was strongly repressed by local police and the National Guard. Radical activists like Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, New-Left leader Tom Hayden, pacifist David Dellinger, poet Allen Ginsberg, co-founder of the Black Panther Party Bobby Seale, Dick Gregory, folk singer Phil Ochs and the MC5 rock band were some of the leaders of the protest during those days, a tragic moment for U.S. Democracy.

These unseen shots – frames which were not selected for publication by newspaper editors – can help us enrich the photo album of the United States’ “Sixty-Eight” with unseen and unpublished details.

Along with well-known faces – U.S Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy; West Coast psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane; counterculture leaders Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin; African-American Boston Celtics basketball star Bill Russell; heavyweight champion Joe Frazier; young reverend Jesse Jackson – there are unknown individuals who kept the “wind of change” blowing.

For the 50th anniversary celebration of “Sixty-Eight”, ExpoWall Gallery presents a rich selection of my 35mm private collection. Pamela Campaner, Alberto Meomartini and Denis Curti’s help was very precious in the choice of the frames. Mario Govino‘s print art was equally important for the project.

Unseen Sixties is the result both of missed meetings – the photo reporter shots not selected by American newspaper and magazine editors in the 1960s – and successful meetings, those animating today my city, Milan, and the documentary photography world the city inevitably refers to, to celebrate “the year that rocked the world”, as author Mark Kurlansky wrote in 2004. 

Welcome then, to this never seen cutout of history. The Unseen Sixties are waiting for you to discover them.