There have been so many ways to narrate migrations. In the last century photography has recorded the stories of those people forced to abandon their lands of origin – because of war, globalization, famine etc. etc. The project of friend photographer Nino Romeo does not focus on people’s faces – the chosen solution by the press and the media – but he prefers to “interrogate” objects that were washed up or abandoned on the beaches. In 2016 Romeo turns up with his camera, a Nikon Coolpix P7800, on the iconic beaches and bays of Capo Teulada, South-west Sardinia, in the places where a landing occurred. Shoes, t-shirts, plastic bottles now faded by the Mediterranean sun seem to have become part of the local wilderness: there is a delicate sense of continuity between the human need/urgency to migrate and Mother Nature’s unchanging and apolitical welcome. Nino Romeo does not judge what he sees; but his twenty color frames launch a cry of alarm to civil society.

NINO ROMEO, Droit au but. Io nato in occidente/Uccidente e i fratelli migranti nati nel mondo di sotto, Abnormal Edizioni 2018



Me, Milano, December 16, 2018 by Nino Romeo_01

Photos: © Nino Romeo



Manifestazione antifascista, Milano, September 30, 2018_06 72

Anti-fascist rally in Piazza Duomo, Milan, September 30, 2018. #intolleranzazero #fuckfascism #fuckracism (Shots taken with FujiFilm X30 and Fuji X100)

Manifestazione antifascista, Milano, September 30, 2018_05 72

Manifestazione antifascista, Milano, September 30, 2018_11 72

Manifestazione antifascista, Milano, September 30, 2018_12 72

Manifestazione antifascista, Milano, September 30, 2018_07 72

Manifestazione antifascista, Milano, September 30, 2018_24 72





A photographer is a witness. If he arrives in the right place at the right moment he can become a storyteller. Frames are almost always ready, around us. Little details can make powerful the story the photographer is about to tell. “THE CONTINENTS MIGRATE TOO” say the rough graffiti on the wall. Two groups of young ladies – second generation Italian girls or tourists/travellers – sitting in front of the graffiti amplify the message and make it stronger: melting pot elements magnify and make unstoppable the migration that leaves the wall and becomes real. Racists have to bend in front of this truth: humankind has grown thanks to the curiosity that has led people to migrate since the dawn of time. #fuckracism