Great memories of an amazing music night in Giubiasco with Nicolas Gilliet, Leon “kid Chocolate” Brown, Pedro Segundo, Frank Salis, Jonas e Daniel Macullo and Manolo Maestrini. During the pandemic this set of frames helped me to look to the future with a positive mood. Times like these will return soon… Music, friendship and good wine… WILL SAVE US! (Photos taken in Giubiasco, February 12, 2020, with Fuji X100)


The full Out of the Night photo project by Matteo Ceschi and Maurizio Gonnella (curated by Matteo Pacini) in Artespressione‘s Artist Insight (October 2020). ENJOY!

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My X30 Tales: It’s All About Winning Over a “Wild” Little Camera in Fuji X Passion October 2020 issue.

“So what is Matteo’s secret?… Apart from his natural talent and tendency to get himself right in the middle of the action where everything happens, the explanation is quite direct and simple, he does what all of us photographers should do.” (Hugo Pinho, co-founder and editor of the Fuji X Passion magazine)


Thursday, September 24, at Paula Nora Seegy’s Artespressione Gallery (via della Palla 3 in Milan): OUT OF THE NIGHT opening. The exhibition by Milanese photographer and essayist Matteo Ceschi curated by Matteo Pacini is scheduled during the 15th edition of Milano Photofestival, “Scenari, orizzonti, sfide. Il mondo che cambia”.

Originally scheduled for April 2020, the exhibition was postponed because of the pandemic. The 24 September opening inaugurates Artespressione’s 2020 events program. OUT OF THE NIGHT presents an inter-generational look at the jazz music scene, past and present, by two great photographers: a visual and musical tale lasting 40 years.

Inspired by Joe Henderson’s classic standard, OUT OF THE NIGHT puts together and compares Matteo Ceschi’s black and white frames, taken during JazzAscona 2019 and Jazz Cat Club Ascona’s 2019-2020 season and Swiss photographer Maurizio Gonnella’s precious film photos (from Luciano Bignotti’s Archive) taken during the 1970s and early 1980s editions of Estival Jazz Lugano.

Gonnella was a highly regarded public figure in Lugano and Canton Ticino, where he was an appreciated visual artist and a well respected musical and cultural connoisseur. Gonnella’s stage and backstage black and white shots blend with Matteo Ceschi’s recent ones: both Gonnella’s and Ceschi’s frames record the evolution of the changing jazz music scene, reflecting its magic, its everlasting vibrant and thrilling vibes.

Originating from an authentic fascination with music, Matteo Ceschi’s black and white shots find in Blue Note Records producer and photographer Francis Wolff’s works a narrative and stylistic reference model. Approaching the music world with a typical street/straight photography philosophy, Ceschi tells us what happens on stage but also everything that happens away from the eyes of the audience: today, in a very intricate and difficult historical period, Ceschi’s unadulterated portraits can help the audience regain those vibes and real emotions of the live shows they are missing so much at present.

Matteo Ceschi’s shots were done and collected for JazzAscona Festival, Tessiner Zeitung newspaper, Pnp musical culture magazine and Nicolasound Concert Management. A selection of shots dedicated to the 2019 edition of the JazzAscona Festival was recently published in the Portuguese specialist magazine Fuji X Passion.


A selection of frames and memories by a gonzo sonic reporter… ENJOY… THE MUSIC!


We have to work hard to get the music re-started after the pandemic tsunami. Cristiano Godano’s live show (a new book and CD presentation featuring Giancarlo Onorato in truth) at RIDE Festival in Milan was the right time to return to sharing music but also to seriously reflect on the future that awaits music and art: without an adequate support from politics, in fact, it will be very difficult to plan new events. Music feeds on live vibrations and cannot be reduced to an online streaming phenomenon. The prevailing carelessness can only be overcome close to the stage, experiencing again the magic exchange between the artist and his audience. No likes needed, just love, people, notes and… frames! The beat goes on!  


A series of black and white frames, taken during the last four years for different clients, explore my vision of the fashion world. Just a bunch of frames and words to let the imagination fly…


In the Olympus Passion July 2020 issue you can find my article on Zuiko 75mm f1.8 lens with frames of crime-writer and playwright Sam Millar, Grammy awarded trumpeter Leon Kid Chocolate Brown, guitarist and singer Dave Blenkhorn, Black Lives Matter protest and more. ENJOY!


Across the Atlantic Ocean but in reverse… Beyond the words of essayist Paul Gilroy and artist Johny Pitts, the Black Lives Matter movement shouts <STOP Police Violence… STOP Racism>. In Milan as in Minneapolis. Black and white frames that leave the beauty of the melting pot in my mind… Time ago Italian the band Almamegretta sang “Athena was black”… Today it’s right to remember our common history so as not to make mistakes again. (All shots taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 + Zuiko 17mm f21.8 + Zuiko 75mm f1.8)


Some b&w portraits taken in Milan of Belfast crime writer and playwright Sam Millar. The whole photographic session was played on the balance between lights and shadows, as in a thriller. Thanks Sam, see you soon! (All frames taken at Libreria Linea d’ombra, January 29, 2020 with Olympus OM-D E-M5 + Zuiko 75mm f1.8)