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Yesterday on air with musician and DJ Giuseppe Fiori, DJ Paola Colombo, friend bluesman Joe Valeriano and author Aldo Pedron at Let’s Spend The Night Together, Radio Popolare FM 107.6. We talked about Joe’s exciting musical career and his artistic partnerships. BLUES ROCK POWER! (Fuji X100 + Huawei Y7 2019)


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Backstage Photography_01

Photography is documenting a moment.

Whatever the situation or the subject to be recorded, the photographer carries out his task/assignment through his instrument.

Usually we forget this specific aspect, stressing the aesthetic value of the shot excessively, to the detriment of its historical value.

Humans need to record their activities and photography has proved to be the most agile and comfortable means, especially with the advent of digital technology.

The setting up of an art exhibition or fair, the backstage of a fashion catwalk or a studio recording session can now be shared in a flash. Today the world moves on with the speed of social networks; let’s not forget it!

In particular, everything that cannot be seen, the backstage of events in fact, is a source of continuous curiosity for the public connected to the web.

Responding to this wish to “know more”, to see what goes on behind the scenes, companies and individuals rely on backstage set photographers: in this way they share the backstage of their own production process.

Backstage Photography_02

In the past, enlightened managers like Adriano Olivetti entrusted the telling of their industrial narrative to the universal evocative power of photography. Wherever you looked at them, those photos spoke and contributed to the fortune of those who had commissioned them.

Today as then, showing yourself for who you are is a winning card.


Coffee Rising, Oasi del gelato, Milano, April 21, 2017 [Huawei Y5 + LenkaCam + Pixlr]

3×3 SERIES – 03 AND 04



3×3 Series – 03 and 04, Milano, January 2017 [Huawei Y5]

3×3 SERIES – 02


3×3 Series – 02, Milano, early January 2017 [Huawei Y5]

3×3 SERIES – 01


3×3 Series-01, Milano, late December 2016-early January 2017 [Huawei Y5]

This is a new photo project inspired by the fluidity of mobile photography. With this series of b&w collages (3×3 shots taken with Retro Camera app) I would like to explore a faster way of “taking pics”: in each collage different elements of urban life (iron, wood, concrete and, obviously, human) are mixed all together according to my mood of the moment.



Running Forest, Ligny-le-Châtel, France, November 19, 2016 [Huawei Y5]