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Just a couple of hours before the official opening of Fuori Salone, former factories and workshops of the Naviglio Neighborhood were swarming with people working hard to maintain the scheduled time. Inside those old walls, behind those high windows, a new generation of workers reinvigorates Milano’s working tradition. Without them there would be no show!

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PRIMO 2015 is a Federico Ramponi & Matteo Ceschi’s experimental photo project which aims to tell Fuori Salone activities. The project focuses on all the side activities which begin and end in the Fuori Salone week. People, locations, and meetings, seen through b&w shots (taken following the mood of the 1979 Specials’ debut LP) in three different episodes: Work in progress, the frantic day before the opening; Opening, The Day; Day Seven, the day after.

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Enjoy it! Federico Ramponi (creative designer) & Matteo Ceschi (photographer)