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Thanks to my friend rapper/actor/filmmaker Taiyo “HYST” Yamanouchi I had the chance to participate in a singer’s image change.
For his new album campaign, IndieJesto, Jesto, Hyst’s brother, not only chose to reappear on social networks with a completely different look, but he even changed musical genre shifting from rap to pop rock.
On a rainy November evening, I joined the crew led by HYST for the filming of a videoclip.
A quick briefing: they needed backstage shots in black and white and some “street” portraits, again in a high-contrast black and white; in short, they looked at creating a typical vintage atmosphere from other times.
The sets: a second-hand clothing store; a record store; the Navigli canal-sides; and a pub.
The characters: Jesto & friends, an acoustic guitar and pints of beers.
The film and photo crew: Me & HYST
Jesto’s natural attitude in his new skin made my work absolutely easy: I photographed the skin-changing live with my old FujiFilm X30 and I did it before the fans could realize what it would soon be.

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Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana y Borrás wrote: <A man’s feet must be planted in his country, but his eyes should survey the world.> This quote came to my mind as soon as I met Vancouverite songwriter Bocephus King at Ponkj bar in Milan.
That’s the reason I decided to take a bunch of shots before the live show began: I was curious to see what his eyes could tell me and how they kept surveying the world.
A few shots were enough to obtain amazing postcards from Bocephus King’s world.
Then there was a friendly chat – I’m a Vancouver lover.
The concert has begun and Bocephus King’s eyes have continuously surveyed and narrated the world. His feet were at the same time in Canada and in Milan when he started to sing Bonnie Dobson’s Morning Dew






Mr. Brainwash in Paris, June 2006 72

The first time I’ve run into a Mr. Brainwash stencil I was in Paris with my wife. I was amused by the image of that man in a hat carrying a movie camera not far from a big size OBEY Angela Davis portrait. I took a couple of shots of Mr. Brainwash’s stencil. I like it. Two years later Mr. Brainwash would become a world famous street artist with his first personal exhibition in LA, Life Is Beautiful (2008). Almost thirteen years later, I have met by chance Mr. Brainwash in person, in front of Deodato Art Gallery, the  location he chose for his first Italian solo exhibition, Milan Is Beautiful. We said hello. We shook hands. And I told him about the discovery of the stencil in Paris in 2006. Very naturally Mr. Brainwash lent himself to an impromptu photo session in the street. Five shots – only one slightly blurred. Then each on his way…

Mr. Brainwash, Milano, April 2, 2019_01 72

Mr. Brainwash, Milano, April 2, 2019_02 72

Mr. Brainwash, Milano, April 2, 2019_04 72

Mr. Brainwash, Milano, April 2, 2019_03 72




Live Act Photo Service_by Fede

Are you in Milan with your band for a live show/showcase or a recording session?

I am a photographer/essayist/music journalist, member of f/50 The International Photography Collective.

I’ve been in the music business for more than twenty years. Now, I am a columnist for Swiss Pnp Magazine and for Indiana Music Magazine and a contributing author/photographer for Fuji X Passion and Olympus Passion magazines.

In my ROCK MUSIC ARCHIVES you can find people like Iggy Pop, Chris Cornell & Soundgarden, Wayne Kramer & MC5, Soft Machine and indie/underground musicians too.

If you are tired of the usual boring photo sessions, please contact me. In addition to the live performance I can also photograph all the soundcheck & backstage situations. (Photo: Me and Zara McFarlane at Blue Note, Milan, 2018 – by Federico Ramponi)



LC 18-19_01

Some backstage shots for Lucio Costa ‘s FW 18/19 made with my old Canon 1100D + HOLGA 60mm f8. Model: Barbora Vesela Volpe.

LC 18-19_02

LC 18-19_03


Pnp_N11_2018_ Zara McFarlane_01 72

My shot for Swiss music magazine Plug n’play ‘s cover (N°11, May 2018). The shot of amazing jazz singer Zara McFarlane was taken with Olympus OM-DE-M5 + Zuiko 17mm f2.8. Post-production by Federica Beffumo.



Joe Valeriano’s Lonesome Road promotional photo session in Milan Porta Genova, mid May 2015. “Gooddamn right, friend, you got the Blues!” [Nikon 1 J2]