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Today (March 2) anti-racist rally in Milan with civil society organizations and DJ and political activist Simon Samaki Osagie. PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER! (Shots taken with Fuji X100)

#noborders #fuckracism #people #peoplehavethepower #democracy #resistance #primalepersone #antiracist #insiemesenzamuri

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<Kick Out the Jams… Motherfuckers!> On November 21 at night a sonic revolution was played on stage! People were ready to join Brother Wayne Kramer & Friends (Kim Thayil of Soundgarden; Marcus Durant of Zen Guerrilla; Brendan Canty of Fugazi; and Billy Gould of Faith No More). Militant riffs spawned from Kramer’s and Thayil’s guitars and exploded among the audience; in the background the rhythm section moved forward as a mighty tank on the battlefield; a voice cut the air screaming iconic songs. <Kick Out the Jams… Motherfuckers!> An army of eyes and ears recorded voraciously a piece of future . <Art and creativity will provoke Resistance!>, Brother Wayne said… [All shots taken with FujiFilm X30 during November 21 MC5‘s live performance at Alcatraz, Milan. Thanks to Margaret & Danny.]

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