Boats can remain in the harbor without sailors. Boats can be abandoned at the mercy of marine currents. But a sea-less boat must make people think. A ship with no sea attracts attention and suggests questions about its dry fate. Why does it lie there on dry land after a lifetime in the water? Who was its captain? Who were its sailors? And its passengers? The camera lens records the fate of these boats with no sea and tries to give them back a poetic fate. The camera lens imagines new ports and new sea routes for them. How many lives could these ships with no sea save?

All frames taken in Naxos, Greece, with Fuji X100 and Ricoh GX100

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As Homer Told…, Mykonos, mid July 2018 [Canon 1100 D + HOLGA lens]


Davide Tinelli artist, Milano, October 7, 2015_01

Friend and artist Davide Tinelli at work in his studio in Milan, in the Genova/Ticinese area. Davide is one of the brightest members of the Italian Arts & Crafts movement. He works iron, silver and; he’s a painter, a designer and sometimes a brilliant performer. An excellent photographer too. I portrayed him in October 2015 with a strong b&w: each shot gets Davide back to a past atmosphere/mood that reminds me of Monty Python’s Meaning of Life or the tale of Oliver Twist. Davide Tinelli’s life is simply Arts & Crafts.

Davide Tinelli artist, Milano, October 7, 2015_03

Davide Tinelli artist, Milano, October 7, 2015_04

Davide Tinelli artist, Milano, October 7, 2015_07