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What happens when Buddy Guy meets the Grateful Dead? The question may need to be corrected. Need to ask when does Buddy Guy’s blues meet the Grateful Dead’s psychedelic jam? The magic happened in Milan during the North Mississippi Allstars concert at Spazio Teatro 89. The band led by the Dickinson brothers – in the power trio version – performed a 2 hours and 15 minutes live show rejecting any “music label.” North Mississippi Allstars’ philosophy? Jamming, jamming and jamming. Following the mood of the evening, I started a photographic session interrupting myself often, to try to get even more in tune with the band’s vibes. Shot by shot I explored with my FujiFilm X30 the visual nuances of blues and rock. There is nothing better than frames supported by music, you know! Jamming, jamming and (photo) jamming!

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<Kick Out the Jams… Motherfuckers!> On November 21 at night a sonic revolution was played on stage! People were ready to join Brother Wayne Kramer & Friends (Kim Thayil of Soundgarden; Marcus Durant of Zen Guerrilla; Brendan Canty of Fugazi; and Billy Gould of Faith No More). Militant riffs spawned from Kramer’s and Thayil’s guitars and exploded among the audience; in the background the rhythm section moved forward as a mighty tank on the battlefield; a voice cut the air screaming iconic songs. <Kick Out the Jams… Motherfuckers!> An army of eyes and ears recorded voraciously a piece of future . <Art and creativity will provoke Resistance!>, Brother Wayne said… [All shots taken with FujiFilm X30 during November 21 MC5‘s live performance at Alcatraz, Milan. Thanks to Margaret & Danny.]

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Chris Cornell, Soundgarden’s live show, Milano, June 4, 2012 [Canon EOS 1100D]



The Last Heroes of Grunge in Milano

With only my camera (Canon 1100 D) and a press badge – in fact a free ticket – I attended the 2012 Soundgarden reunion concert in Milan. Thousands of young people – who were not even born when the grunge revolution began to shake Seattle and the whole world – were all around me. Kids full of energy and eager to listen for the first time in their lives to Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron live and in action. When the show started I began to take pictures and had to fight not to be submerged by the crazed crowd. That Soundgarden concert, in the audience, ended up being a very physical & almost confrontational experience, but that did not stop me from putting together a very good series of shots.

Some of the photos presented here were published in the Swiss music culture magazine Plug n’ Play in September 2014. Visit Plug n’ Play magzine!

The Last Heroes of Grunge in Milano free-download link.