Gerardo Balestrieri invited the audience to follow Corto Maltese around the World … From Venice to the Far East … passing through Ireland and the Horn of Africa… Without forgetting the countries which are dear to himself… A set of sonic postcards to caress the rhythms of the dream…

From Venice to Far East

Find yourself in the mist

Nobody was at home

When mind climbed the dome

Away from the stage

We live in Corto’s age


Not even bad weather stopped them! Arriving late through heavy rains at the Arci Bellezza club in Milan, after a super fast soundcheck – 10 minutes announced by the roar of Andreas Miranda’s bass – The Third Sound just waited for the last notes of the Kane Nero live to immediately blast the ballroom with their mixture of psychedelic drones and post-new wave. Velvet Underground meet the Grateful Dead on stage! An epic sonic ride that began with an instrumental track and continued with Your Love Is Evol from First Light, their latest LP. Time seemed to lose meaning… Hakon Aðalsteinsson and Robin Hughes’s guitars are like crazy clock-hands… Getting to lose oneself is a pleasure … and then finding yourself at the foot of the stage to chat with drummer Fred Sunesen and fellow musician Andreas.


Maurizio Gonnella and Matteo Ceschi’s OUT OF THE NIGHT exhibition (curated by Matteo Pacini and produced by Paula Nora Seegy’s Artespressione) at Galleria La Loggia, Carona, Switzerland, September 25-October 16, 2021

OUT OF THE NIGHT presents an inter-generational look at Swiss jazz music scene, past and present, by two great photographers: a visual and musical tale lasting 40 years.

Are you ready for new b&w frames and exciting jazz vibes in Carona?

OPENING, Saturday, September 25, 4 PM



Be in style with the human soul… A Different 9/11, a different day… A paper plane… Remembering September 11, 2001… (All frames taken with FujiFilm X30 in Milan, September 10, 2021)


Like in a Spike Lee movie. Sound coming from the street. Sound for the people on the street. Former members of The Jumpers, musicians Tiberio Longoni and Tony Fisher revived the ‘hood with an impromptu DJ set from the windows of the PONKJ bar, not far from The Canal District-Navigli. Roots, reggae, ska, dub, soul, funk and Stax Records classic hits… these are the songs that “rocked” and made the people in town sweat in a hot late afternoon. Music is not afraid of the dark: Tiberio and Tony continued to play records even when the sun went down. Don’t shoot the DJs, the party has to go on!

… Callin’ out around the world / Are you ready for a brand new beat / Summer’s here and the time is right / For dancing in the street…


At the beginning of the live show at Elisabetta Sgarbi’s La Milanesiana, Mirco Mariani, one of the founding leaders of the Extraliscio band, recalled that liscio is the popular music of all Italians: someone in the audience seemed puzzled.
Then, as the band progressed with their energetic performance, that “strange” statement made more and more sense to the Milanese audience: all of us have been at least once in our life in a balera, the traditional liscio dance hall (see Gabriele Basilico’s book Dancing in Emilia).
Looking at Italian musical tradition but at the same time deeply aware of the need to refresh the language of popular music, the members of the band demonstrated how important lessons for the present can always be drawn from the past.
Do I mean that Extraliscio sound like archaeologists?
Certainly not! The Extraliscio are rather like explorers of the contemporary world, ready to prick the Past-Present and Present with punk and world music splinters.
What about the Future?
Take a melting pot spirit into the balera – the Extraliscio’s suggestion!


From the beginnings, with Glasgow indie label Optimo Music, until today throughout the pandemic. Andrea Barbieri and Claudio Brioschi’s Tamburi neri are back with their new Urlo EP edited by Danza Tribale! A live DJ-set (featuring Japanese singer and DJ Hacci Hiroko, based in Milan) set the ‘hood on fire: electronic boldness, dry drums and bass and ethnic sonic postcards were the main ingredients of the promotional event. Good vibes and black and white frames filled Serendeepity record store in the Ticinese area in Milan, welcoming back an “almost regular” life in town! Tamburi neri’s groove and lucid madness welcomed the Summer in advance!


A railway depot area transformed into a temporary atelier during the pandemic thanks to Beppe Treccia RIDE Milan’s advertising manager. A Milanese senior rapper and writer at work. Vincenzo da Via Anfossi a.k.a AKEN 16K has deconstructed (under photographer and video maker Alessandro Bejami Gianotti’s careful eyes) the fears of the contemporary world: plexiglass, paint, spray paint, wood, ropes and recycled materials are the “street antibodies” that animate SHANGHAKEN. Là dove vive l’uomo his first solo exhibition. The choice of where to start is up to you: the maternal boldness of the materials or Vincenzo’s soul slices.

SHANGHAKEN. Là dove vive l’uomo, June 8-20, 2021, RIDE Milano, via Valenza 2 – Ex scalo Pt. Genova, Milano


MATTEO CESCHI Milanese street photographer, essayist and freelance journalist, he writes and shoots for several magazines and has exhibited his shots in various locations.

He collaborates with Swiss newspaper La Regione. He is an author and radio host at RT Radio Terapia and collaborates with Radio Rock FM.

His latest book, Note per salvare il Pianeta, was published in 2020 by VoloLibero Edizioni. He is a member of f50/The International Photography Collective.

His latest projects were in collaboration with f/50 fellows John Meehan, Steve Coleman and Keith Goldstein and with the Italian fashion brand Lucio Costa.

He received a honorable mention at the 2015 International Photography Awards.

In 2016 he realized with colleague Jim Marshall KO.existence, a photographic project exhibited in Sarajevo and in 2017 in Milan (with high-patronage of the Italian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina). In 2017 he was curator of an exhibition of historic photos entitled Unseen Sixties at ExpoWall gallery in Milan. In Spring 2017 he launched with creative designer Federico Ramponi remoteclicking, a new shooting language that exploits mobile technology. He was the author of the “making of” of artist and director Federico Garibaldi‘s short film, Un filo tra cielo, terra e acqua, winner of the Silver Dolphin prize at the 2018 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. In September 2019 he presented with colleague Jim Marshall Rise and Fall, a multimedia exhibition produced by the Italian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and EU Info Centre in BiH at the History Museum of Bosnia Herzegovina, Sarajevo.

At the end of 2019 he started a collaboration with Paula Nora Seegy’s Artespressione Gallery in Milan. From February 2020 to early May 2020 he realized his Winter Midsummer Project (curated by Matteo Pacini), a completely subjective photographic narrative project rich in details captured during the few occasions one was allowed to go outside during the pandemic. In September 2020, he presented Out of the Night, an exhibition dedicated to the contemporary Swiss jazz music scene curated by Matteo Pacini.


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