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Thanks to my friend rapper/actor/filmmaker Taiyo “HYST” Yamanouchi I had the chance to participate in a singer’s image change.
For his new album campaign, IndieJesto, Jesto, Hyst’s brother, not only chose to reappear on social networks with a completely different look, but he even changed musical genre shifting from rap to pop rock.
On a rainy November evening, I joined the crew led by HYST for the filming of a videoclip.
A quick briefing: they needed backstage shots in black and white and some “street” portraits, again in a high-contrast black and white; in short, they looked at creating a typical vintage atmosphere from other times.
The sets: a second-hand clothing store; a record store; the Navigli canal-sides; and a pub.
The characters: Jesto & friends, an acoustic guitar and pints of beers.
The film and photo crew: Me & HYST
Jesto’s natural attitude in his new skin made my work absolutely easy: I photographed the skin-changing live with my old FujiFilm X30 and I did it before the fans could realize what it would soon be.

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Sun, Steel and Sky

Sun, Steel and Sky, a new photo project realized with my fellows Keith Goldstein, Peter Barton and Steve Coleman. ENJOY!



Oslobodenje, Sept 178 2019.png

Jim Marshall and me at the opening of our Rise and Fall  multimedia exhibition at the Historical Museum of BiH – Sarajevo (September 17-24, 2019) – in Oslobodenje BiH national newspaper.

P.S. for the translation Google Translate (Bosnian-English) is adequate.



Boats can remain in the harbor without sailors. Boats can be abandoned at the mercy of marine currents. But a sea-less boat must make people think. A ship with no sea attracts attention and suggests questions about its dry fate. Why does it lie there on dry land after a lifetime in the water? Who was its captain? Who were its sailors? And its passengers? The camera lens records the fate of these boats with no sea and tries to give them back a poetic fate. The camera lens imagines new ports and new sea routes for them. How many lives could these ships with no sea save?

All frames taken in Naxos, Greece, with Fuji X100 and Ricoh GX100

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Eyes on the Street project

Eyes on the Street, a new f/50 The International Photography Collective photo project with fellows Keith Goldstein and John Meehan. ENJOY!

SEE: Eyes on the Street!


Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_01

Three plastic men skaters (by ToyBoarders Skateboarders) run around the house: from the fridge to the terrace they challenge gravity. (Shots by FujiFIlm X30)

Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_02

Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_03

Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_05

Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_04

Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_06

Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_07

Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_08

Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_09

Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_10

Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_11

Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_12

Home Skating, Milano, early May 2019_13



Alla ricerca di uno spazio culturale_01 72

Each of us has dreamed once as a child of being an astronaut. Years after those reveries, a typical reading lamp from the Seventies and a rubber action figure bring back the childish dream. My FujiFilm X30 did the rest. The sidereal space is now ready to be conquered…

Alla ricerca di uno spazio culturale_02 72

Alla ricerca di uno spazio culturale_03 72

Alla ricerca di uno spazio culturale_04 72

Alla ricerca di uno spazio culturale_05 72